Cold-processed Soaps

Bath and Beauty Soaps

Bath and Beauty Soaps

Earthy notes and bright notes, these herbal essential oil scented bars may be for morning showers or evening spas.

 Choose tea tree oil for your apothecary; patchouli is a strong base note, good for earthing or grounding; dragon's blood has a mysterious scent with many notes and astringent qualities; coconut is sweetly alluring; sandalwood  soothes the skin. Rosmarinus has calmative qualities; lemongrass-rosemary increases alertness;  peppermint patti has cocoa blended with peppermint and pumice for an exhilarating morning shower.

The florals include lavender, which is a pungent sweet top note from French lavender sources; rose has been distilled from NS roses some wild-gathered from coastal communities; jasmine serves to balance feminine energy and is nourishing; sweet cicely is an anise relative native to NS.

Balsam-fir is quinessentially boreal. Its fragrance is associated with Christmas and long dark nights.

For those with oily skin, the Starry Night series contains swirls of charcoal. Known to draw out dirt and impurities, it also contains cocoa butter to soothe and tea tree oil plus anise for scent.