What is a Lodestone

Nearing retirement, means finding meaningful projects I can embrace. As a social entrepeneur, I enjoy organizing and managing local markets. With my knowledge of plants and plant extracts generated from 30+ years as a botanist, soaping was an easy choice. The Lodestone is magnetite or other naturally magnetized stone that attracts iron. Natural, alluring and nourishing.

I am Marian, a botanist with a particular interest in plants and people. My home is on Canada's Atlantic coast, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Having very sensitive skin, and allergies to many ingredients, all of my soaps are tested on me. It is important to me to source sustainably harvested base oils and essential oils. All botanicals are organic and natural. 

This is my fourth ecommerce site. I have had vintage postcard sites for collectors for 10+ years. You can be confident that customer service is important to me.

My teenaged son assists me at local markets.

  • Find me on facebook as Lodestone Soap Co. and on twitter under @lodestonesoaps, @spryfieldmarket and @prospectfarmers